24 de abril de 2020

Live no próximo domingo celebrando o Dia da Terra

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No próximo domingo (26) acontecerá mais uma live com diversos artistas, em comemoração ao 50º aniversário do Dia da Terra, comemorado na última quarta-feira, dia 22.
O evento 'Earth Day 50 A Virtual Festival for Our Planet, contará com nomes como Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, Flea, Cat Power, Ben Harper entre outros. O evento começará às 17h (horário de Brasília), com transmissão direta no perfil oficial da organização Pathway to Paris no Instagram. 

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Happy Earth Day! We are thrilled and excited to invite you to join us for Pathway to Paris Earth Day 50: A Virtual Festival for our Planet on Sunday April 26th at 4pm EST. As humanity faces an unknown future, we must recognize the fact that we simply cannot go back to our behavior from before. Both as individuals and as a globe, we are in a time of reflection, and now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to make great change. . Climate change is a global concern, and we have seen with Covid-19 what can happen when the world truly works together to come up with solutions in a time of crisis. Let's treat the climate situation with that same urgency and passion. Let's not go back to the world as it was. Instead, let's move into the future with a renewed vision of how we want to live. Let's do this not only for our children and future generations, but for each other, here today. For our neighbors, friends, and family, for the animals and trees, for every living being and species on this Earth. . In light of this all, we invite you to join us as we use our voices and platforms to raise awareness, and realize how truly interconnected we all are, not only with each other, but with our one and only beautiful planet. See you Sunday!! . . #earthday50 #earthday #pathwaytoparis #pattismith #michaelstipe #rem #flea #tonyhawk #benharper #catpower #tenzinchoegyal #patrickwatson #gigidatome #micahnelson #rajulama #olafureliasson #giovannicaccamo #dolomiti #italy #jesseparissmith #rebeccafoon #rainphoenix Graphics by @kinshipgoods THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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